Discover the Island of

Puerto Rico in the Caribbean

If you are looking for History, Culture, Amazing Food, Beaches, Rain Forest, Diversity of Scenery and a Tropical Paradise then Puerto Rico is where you will want to visit on your next vacation!

Puerto Rico consists of a larger island and several nearby island, and hundreds of cays and islets. The Real Charm is it's people, they are charismatic, hospitable, super joyful and passionate. What I like about Puerto Ricans they are optimistic and energetic and above all, very proud of their cultural heritage that can be felt as you visit the island of Puerto Rico.

Discovering the island

One of the quickest way to begin to experience the island, is to immerse yourself in their food, drinks and music! Taste their exquisite local dishes and cocktails with exotic infusions and dance to the rhythms of salsa, reggaeton.

Did you know that Puerto Rico has become a "foodie paradise"?

Surprised right?

Over the years,merging international and local cuisine and reinventing traditional recipes, Puerto Rico has become the hub for their exquisite culinary delights, on the island they offer something for everyone's taste.

Not known to many, but the Pina Colada birth place is here in Puerto Rico, where exactly? At the Barrachina Restaurant, in the old town, bartender Don Ramon Portas Mingot in 1963. If you love Pina Colada's like I do, you will want to enjoy a wonderful meal at the Barrachina and don't forget to order your Pina Colada or two, they are really the best!

If you enjoy the art scene you will be pleasantly surprised that Puerto Rico offers several Museums and art galleries, most situated in San Juan. A good place to start is at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico in Santarce.

For Music Lovers, you can plan your trip around concerts, from Bad Bunny playing at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot to the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchesta series at the Centro de Ballas Artes Luis A. Ferre.

Even by just walking around in Old San Juan you will experience historic sites, numerous galleries, live bands playing on the squares, as well as a wide variety of stores selling local artwork and traditional crafts. This is just in Old San Juan but there is more to offer around the island.

Puerto Rico's vibrancy derives from more than 500 years of rich history. Blending of different cultures. From Spanish colonial architecture and prominent centuries - old buildings that remain an integral part of the island: to the savory dishes like mofongo, and dance moves that are influenced by African traditions.


There is So Much to do on the island of Puerto Rico you will be amazed!

Just for starters as next week we will explore deeper on what Puerto Rico has to offer to you as a vacation.

But for now, let's take a look at a couple of the outdoorsy things that you can experience on your vacation.

Zip-Lining: Puerto Rico has the world's second largest zip-line.

Go on a one-of-a-kind hike through El Yunque, the only tropical rain-forest in the United States "National Forest system. (yes, Puerto Rico is a territory of USA)

Scuba Diving among the sea turtles and beautiful coral reefs.

There are dozens of reasons to get outside and explore what Puerto Rico has to offer to you on your vacation.


For all of the Beach Bum out there, your are going to LOVE Puerto Rico's beaches. With the warm tropical climate, you can travel anytime of the year and enjoy, soft sand and the beautiful ocean, catch a wave or two or simply lounging in the shade, or paddling a kayak or on a snorkeling adventure the choice is yours.

Family Travel

Puerto Rico is one destination that you will want to travel to with your family either with little ones, teenagers, or the extended family, there is something for everyone. Everything from Ancient history, rich culture, fun attractions, delicious food, and the people that make this Caribbean island a favorite vacations spot for your family.

Let's face it, traveling with family is about building memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are a couple of thing that your and your family will enjoy!

The El Yunque Rainforest is unique. You will find fresh air and lush trails (great for exploring creatures scurrying around), that lead to mountain views, waterfalls, El Yunque also offers educational activities.

Carabali Rainforest Adventure Park: This ranch is just a few minutes from El Yunque rainforest in the town of Luquillo. It offers a wide variety of family activities like: horseback riding, ATV tours, go-karting, a hayride though the rain-forest, just to name a few! And in case you are hungry there is a restaurant onsite.

And if you are traveling with Teenagers Cueva Ventana is where you will want to explore together.

One of the most recognizable caves in Puerto Rico isn't underground but instead looks out over the Rio Grande de Arecibo Valley, creating a window-like opening on the sheer rock face of a mountain. This unique framing of the valley, river and town below earned the cave its name Cueva Ventana (Window Cave).

Humacao Wildlife Refuge

The Humacao Wildlife Refuge is located on the east coast of Puerto Rico (about an hours drive from San Juan) and it's trails are flat and well-maintained. It's is ideal for some light hiking. A great way to visit is by Kayaking, There are beautiful beachfront and hidden lagoons where families can fish as well as gazebos for picnics.


Puerto Rico's is also a perfect match for Couples

Puerto Rico is also known for Romance

A moonlit walk along the beach, a stroll along the rain-forest in the afternoon, watch the sunset on the beach, and spend an electrifying night on the town. Or, for the utmost in privacy and tranquility, you can spend a few days and nights on Puerto Rico's smaller islands of Vieques and Culebra.

We will be exploring the islands of Viques and Culebra in another blog.

Things to do together

There are plenty of ways for couples to enjoy blissful solitude in Puerto Rico: a horseback ride through a coffee plantation, a sunset sailing trip off Vieques, a carriage ride through Pounce.

Indulgent Spas

If you are looking to be pampered, you will find a myriad of luxurious spa options. Most large hotels and resorts offer spa treatments even if you are not staying at the property. Among the most high-end are Botanic Spa at Dorado Beach, Remede Spa at the St.Regis Beach Resort, and the Vanderbilt Spa at the Condado Vanderbilt. Euforia and Zen Spa also offer treatments and other services. Zone Aqua Message and Oxygen Bar in Old San Juan provides a one-of-a-kind relaxation experience.

Let's not forget Shopping:

Discover a wide variety of shopping in Puerto Rico, whether you are searching for souvenirs or locally made handcrafted items or major brands, you can peruse malls, outlet stores, designer boutiques and locally owned shops.

What kind of places can you stay at?

There is something for everyone's taste and level of quality, we will explore that more next week.

To sum up this weeks blog, Puerto Rico continues to surprise us, it's more than a cruise stop along the way, it more of a vacation spot.

Contact me anytime to start planning your vacation.

Let's work together to make your Dreams Come True!

Have a great week!